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In need of a holiday to the destination of your dreams?

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We’re Leanne and Dan, a South African couple travelling the world in search of the best experiences for your next adventure.

We formed the Buddymoon as we believe adventures are better done with friends, like you – OUR BUDDIES.

Our goal during our travels is to search for the best experiences and destinations, deep-diving into cultures and stepping out of our comfort zone, in hope that these experiences could be the inspiration for your next travel adventure. Whether you are looking for a Buddymoon, Adventuremoon, Minimoon, Honeymoon, Babymoon (you name it) we will have the best recommendations for you.

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We sometimes cannot believe that we are actually making videos for a living, but trust us, the experiences does not come without hard work and dedication. 

Our Patreons are one of our greatest assets. Not only do they provide us with ideas on where to go and what to do, but support us in making these experiences possible. 

Thank you Patreons

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