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India, what more is there to say. This country will give you everything. The culture and the food is so diverse that no matter where you go, you will experience something completely different.

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  • India is so big thats it’s hard to choose where to go. A must is the Indian triangle, Delhi, Agra & Jaipur.
  • I would extend the triangle by going to Jodhpur too, probably one of the nest untouched jems of India.
  • Forget about taxi and rikshaw scams, just download the Uber App, they are the cheapest and you can get a rikshaw on uber.
  • If you are foriegner, highly suggest negotiating. Unfortunately you will get charged a much higher price everywhere you go so just make sure you get a fair deal.
  • Trains are by far the best way to get from one city to the other. Register yourself on the irctc.com website (Indian railway website) and then book trains for ixigo.com. (Irctc.com will give you a ID that you need to book trains)
  • Don’t be afraind to try the street food but apply the mindset of, “If it’s busy, that means it good”. Don;t go to restaurants where their are no locals, it probably wont have good food and give you Delhi Belly.
  • The metro systems are really good in Delhi and in Mumbai, so don’t be afraid to use them as they are cheap and excellent.


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