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A land filled with jaw dropping sunsets and rock formations that you cannot take your eyes off. Thailand will spoil you, not only with it’s beauty, but with it’s world class street food and friendly people. This country… IS A MUST!

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  • Phuket is Thailand’s best islands to visit if you looking looking for beaches & parties.
  • Krabi and Koh Samui offer more relaxed vibes with stunning sunsets cool bars.
  • Using taxi’s can be expensive, therefore, rather rent scooters if not traveling far ($7 per day) and if traveling far, go via bus. The busses cost about $2 per person per trip from one province to another. 
  • Locals are not accommodating towards negotiating so the best is to shop around for the best price before buying.
  • Make sure to keep cash on you as most places take cash.
  • Tours can cost between $30-$50 per person. Please note that most tours require a deposit, I find PayPal works best.
  • Restaurants can be expensive. Thailand street food is of great quality and super cheap. Most meals cost less than $2 and trust us, you will be full after one meal.
  • If not in the mood for street food, the 7 Eleven store offers cheap food and will probably be your go to place on most days when traveling cheap.


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