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If you’re the type of person that enjoys just being at a resort and relaxing, Our top recommended accommodations will definitely get your attention! Whether you looking for a beach destination, a desert sunset or Africa’s wildlife beauty, the below accommodations is something that we believe should be your next holiday destination!


Karafuu Resort & Spa - Zanzibar

This has to be the best accommodations we have slept in, This resort had scuba diving and a pool in the middle of the ocean, enough said!


Long Beach Camp Ground - United Arab Emirates

This is the best activity based staycation we have had. With so many activities all in one night stay, no wonder it’s rated the top staycation in the UAE.


Azao Resort & Spa - Zanzibar

A place with a magical lagoon in the resort, not only did it display true Zanzibar beauty, but makes you simply feel like you are at home away from home.


The Retreat Palm Dubai - United Arab Emirates

This hotel is on the Palm of Dubai, so you are guaranteed some good views and beautiful sunsets. What else is there to beat.


Ole Sereni - Kenya

Not only did Kenya make it on our top experience list, its on our top accommodations too. Waking up to Africa’s beauty is 1000% a MUTST!

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