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Live the African life in luxury in the most beautiful country there is in Africa. We might be bias here cause we are South African, haha. This country will leave you in awe of what it has to offer, allowing you to experience Africa, while making you feel at home.

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  • Cape Town is the place to be so fly straight into Cape Town International airport.
  • Clairmont would be a great affordable place to stay with great night life at atmosphere. But if looking for a little more luxury, Camps Bay is the place to be for beaches, nightlife and amazing restaurants.
  • To get around, Uber would be your best bet but when wanting to go to all the wine farms and drink wine with chocolate and cheese, renting a car will be your cheapest. make sure to have a designated driver.
  • The V&A waterfront is Cape Town harbour, a place to spend the evening, catch a sunset cruise and eat fish till it comes out your ears, this place will leave you amazed at what South Africa has to offer.
  • ATM’s are all over the place and cards are accepted everywhere, so no need to carry cash.
  • Food and drinks are very affordable so you will eat and drink like a king.
  • Going Table mountain on a cable car is a must and go early to avoid super long que’s. You can wait as long as 4 hours in the que and go on the first day of your holiday as Cape Town is a windy city, so it happens often that they close the cable cars midday due to wind or cloud cover.
  • There are many towns around  Cape Town that you will want to see for the beauty and culture that is has to offer, so check up Simons Town, Kalk Bay and Hermanus for some whale watching.
  • Shark Cage diving is also huge in South Africa, so if you brave enough. This is a must.


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