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Colonized by the french with the beauty of Asia. Vietnam is a bucket list country. From breathtaking mountains, delicious cusine to the beauty of Halong Bay. This is country that will want you coming back for more.

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  • This is the one of the cheapest countries in Asia so be prepared to eat a lot and do a lot.
  • Overnight buses are all over the place, so travel at night and explore in the day, this saves you having to spend a night in a hotel.
  • Eat local food, this is something you will not regret. Always eat where there is plenty of locals, this way, you know the food it good.
  • Travel to as many places as you can, you do not want to miss out and regret going home not seeing a place.
  • The Ha Giang loop is a must, so ensure to take 5 days out of your schedule for that alone.
  • Ha Long bay is one of the best cruises you will do in your life, so ensure to take 3 days out your schedule for that at trust me, it’s not something you are going to want to miss out on.
  • Sapa and Tam Coc is the places to go in order to explore caves, see amazing landscapes and soak in a little of the relaxation life that Vietnam has to offer.
  • Beaches are amazing in Vietnam, especially in the South of Vietam. So if you a beach going, the South is a must.
  • Beer is everywhere in Vietnam and each region makes there own beer so try them all.

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